Recent Top Settlements


Motor Vehicle Accident

We do not tolerate bullies. In this rear-end collision accident, a big insurance company refused to compensate our client fairly. Our team worked relentlessly until we reached the maximum compensation our client deserved.


Truck Accident Trial Verdict

Our client was a backseat passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer on the 10 freeway. A trial verdict was reached after our team presented evidence of the defendant’s negligence directly, resulting in our client’s serious injuries.  


School District Liability

We won this verdict on behalf of our client, finding the school district 100% negligent. What we are most proud of are the changes in policies implemented to ensure the safety of students moving forward. 


Motorcycle Accident 

Our team secured an extraordinary trial judgment in a spinal and groin injury case resulting from a motorcycle accident. Unwavering dedication resulted in justice and rightful compensation for our deserving client.  


Bus Accident

Our award-winning attorneys successfully secured maximum recovery for our client in a pedestrian vs. bus accident case. Our team of experts aggressively represented our client throughout the legal process, resulting in a significant outcome. 


Wrongful Death

In this wrongful death case, our team’s complex legal analysis and investigation demonstrated that the opposing truck’s safety issues caused the drivers death. The victim’s family recovered one of the largest settlements the state had ever seen.