Under 10 people enrolled on Obamacare website Oct 1st


According to Avik Roy a contributing writer at Forbes.com less than 10 people have enrolled on the now infamous Obamacare’s website healthcare.gov. That’s right you heard it, 6 to be exact. This number may seem outrageous but that’s the word now coming from internal memos within the Whitehouse.

At first Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius tried to spin the facts by saying that glitches were a “great problem to have,” she said this because they were being caused by the overwhelming interest of millions of visitors to the website. We’re now finding out she was dodging the fact that she knew the real numbers, but now thanks to a Congressional inquiry, we’re learning that she did know how many people enrolled on day one of the federal exchange: six.

The smoking gun came out in the Obama administration’s War Room’s memo. Another war room memo came out the next day saying that the enrollment was only up to 248. The general consensus is that the American people aren’t going to see some sort of resolution on this disaster for another year. To read more about this issue check out Forbe’s article about the challenges the new healthcare.gov site faces.