How people see lawyers online

Googling Lawyers

I was surfing the interwebs doing some research and I typed in “Lawyers are” into Google and got this alarming result in Google’s auto-complete search:


This got me wondering, why do people have these negative perceptions of lawyers and attorneys? I did some more digging and I found these as well:


Even Forbes made a declaration stating “It’s OK to hate Lawyers” But is it OK to hate lawyers? Why do lawyers get such a bad wrap? The fact is that attorneys represent a lot of people that need help, and have represented the underdogs in many instances for example when Girardi & Keese along with Erin Brockovich sued PG&E for contamination of drinking water or when Wilshire Law Firm and Panish Shea & Boyle obtained a 17.1 million dollar settlement for a man that was run over by a bus and had to have his leg amputated.

Those are just a few examples where lawyers are working hard on the behalf of the people. I think that a lot of negative stereotypes about lawyers are because people hear about the cases like Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants the infamous coffee cup case that captured the nations attention in the early 90′s. This was a case that to many began the debate around frivolous lawsuits in America. Even in this case however a lot of people don’t realize how much agonizing pain and suffering this woman went through and how her life was severely effected from that injury.

I see this everyday when people come to my office. At first they have expectations of how they think I’m going to act when I consult with them. After sitting down with them and understanding their needs and concerns that resistance quickly fades to relief when they realize that I do care, and I am looking out for their best interest. It’s true that not all lawyers are looking out for their client’s best interest but this can be said for any profession that deals with the public. There is always a few bad apples in a bunch but overall most attorneys are passionate about helping their clients who need legal assistance.