Los Angeles motorcycle attorneys: what you need to know

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycling accidents are the biggest fear for most motorcyclists. No one wants to think about being a victim of a motorcycle accident but when it happens it can cause major hardships on the rider. Medical bills, emotional and physical distress, and a confusing legal system are just the tip of the iceberg that you need to deal with if you’ve been the victim of a motorcycle accident.

It’s no secret that motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable on the road. You can follow all of the rules of the road, and have the best safety gear but you are still at the mercy of others drivers on the road. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident it’s very important that you secure a good motorcycle accident attorney. The insurance companies do not have your best interest at heart. They are simply trying to pay out the least amount of money possible leaving you to food the medical bills, and damages to your bike.

Not all attorneys are created equal and not every motorcycle accident is clear cut. Often times motorcyclists get blamed for the accident even if it really wasn’t their fault. This can effect the outcome of your settlement but a good motorcycle accident attorney can navigate around that and get you the highest compensation possible.

Never assume that what the insurance companies are offering you is an adequate compensation for your accident. Make sure that you contact an attorney that specializes in motorcycle accidents to assess your case and give you feedback on what they think you should be awarded in compensation. The problem is that there are so many attorneys to choose from it became a challenge to find a motorcycle attorney that will represent you adequately and will understand your needs and concerns. Here are a few tips that you should know before you hire a motorcycle accident attorney.

1. Hire a motorcycle accident attorney specialist

There are many different types of attorneys out there and choosing the right one is very important. A common mistake that a lot of motorcyclists make when hiring an attorney is choosing an attorney who doesn’t specialize in motorcycle accidents. The legal system is broad and complicated and the best attorneys specialize in one field and are masters at navigating that system for their clients. If the attorney you speak with also does bankruptcy law, child custody, and divorces then you know that this attorney is a jack of all trades and master at none. Make sure that the attorney you choose has a track record of success with working with motorcycle accidents.

2. Look at the average compensation that attorney gets awarded

Make sure to ask the attorney you are talking to what their recent motorcycle accident compensation has been. You can get a good assessment of the quality and negotiating skills of an attorney based off of his recent settlements. The fact is that a good motorcycle accident attorney has connections with insurance companies and can get you a much higher compensation for your injuries.

3. Research their reviews

A good motorcycle accident attorney has excellent reviews and testimonial. Yelp, Judy’s Book, and SuperPages are great ways of determining the ratings the attorney you are speaking with has received. The more cases that attorney has won for their clients the more positive reviews that the attorney will receive. Many times attorneys will talk a good talk but don’t have a solid base of testimonials and positive reviews to back those claims up with.

Getting into a motorcycle accident is difficult, so make sure that you choose a motorcycle accident attorney you can trust and you feel like is looking out for your best interests. Most importantly don’t try to go at it alone, you will receive a mere fraction of what you deserve.