1st annual epilepsy ride hosted by Asylum Ryders

Asylum Ryders epilepsy ride

I just got off the phone with Mario over at Asylum Ryders, and I have to tell you I’m super impressed with his passion and commitment to organizing motorcycle events that give back to charity. Asylum Ryders is a motorcycle club in Los Angeles. These guys organize for a purpose and don’t exclude anyone from coming to their events and having a good time. “We go to other club’s events to show support and other clubs come to our events because they know that when we organize it’s for a good cause and we hold events to show people that motorcycle riders give back to their communities” Mario told me.

Wilshire Law Firm is going to be sponsoring this event which kicks off November 24th 8pm over at There will be raffle tickets with cool prizes like motorcycle helmets and apparel. All of the proceeds are going to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation. Epilipsy effects over 2 million people in America alone and over 65 million people worldwide. If you want to learn more about this event or abouy Asylum Ryders you can email Mario at [email protected]

annual epilepsy ride flyer
1st annual epilepsy ride hosted by Asylum Ryders

Asylum Ryders,
313 E Carson St,Carson CA,USA